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Daryl Goldberg

Daryl is an award-winning producer and director with a number of feature-films, music videos, and commercials under his belt. His most recent feature film, which he directed and produced, was the comedy Made for Each Other starring Danny Masterson (That 70s Show), Patrick Warburton (Puddy from Seinfeld), Bijou Philips, and George Segal. Prior to that he directed and produced Unholy starring Adrienne Barbeau. He is a graduate of the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. He is a pending member of the Producer's Guild of America.


Posts by Daryl Goldberg:

Film Business Tips

F-Up #27 “People Don’t Work on Credit”


The F-Up… New filmmakers often don’t realize that one of the greatest tools of negotiation may not be what you agree to pay now, but what you agree to pay later. How to Do It Right… In the world of filmmaking, there are two popular types of IOUs used to help reduce upfront payment by…

film fuck ups

F-Up #62 “Cinematography Happens While Shooting”


You have met with the director. You have figured out the look, the style, and the tone of the film, and you’ve analyzed scenes visualizing the shots as you see them in your head. Now it’s time to create a shot list. A shot list is the list of precise shots you will make for…

fuck ups

First Time Filmmaker F-Up #12 – I Don’t Care about Tax Incentives


The F-Up… If someone came up and offered you 10 to 50 percent of the funds for your movie, would you take it? Unfortunately, many new filmmakers wind up missing out on money for their film purely because “taxes” and thereby “tax incentives” sound boring or intimidating and they don’t want to deal with that….


First time Filmmaker F-Up #59 – Dialogue Is Recorded on Set


What looping is and why it will save your movie! The F-Up… Discovering looping is like finding a fairy godmother who has come to grant many of your wishes about what you would like changed in your movie. However, the f-up many new filmmakers make is not appreciating what looping is and its capabilities. Through…

First time filmmaker confessions

First Time Filmmaker F-Up 52 You Don’t Need to Watch ALL the Footage


The F-Up… In the early stages of editing, reviewing all your footage can seem rather time consuming and maybe even pointless, especially if you have a clear vision of what you want. However, what you want at the beginning of the process and what you want throughout the editing process is very likely to change….

Photo by CrumleyFamily

F-Up #33 Continuity Is Not as Important as Performance


Why if continuity doesn’t match, performance doesn’t matter: The F-Up… It’s your perfect take. The actors are perfect, the light is perfect, the camera work is perfect. Everything is perfect, except in this one take, your star was holding her drink in a different hand than in any of the other shots it will need…


F-Up #15 “I Don’t Need a Business Plan”


The F-Up… A business plan is to film financing what a resume is to job hunting. While your resume alone will likely never get you a job, no one will likely take you seriously if you don’t have one. So, you have to have one and it has to be impressive—the same goes for a…

First time filmmaker confessions

First-Time Filmmaker Confessions


First-Time Filmmaker Confessions First-Time Filmmaker Confessions from Daryl Goldberg on Vimeo.


First-Time Filmmaker F-Up #36 “The Assistant Director Is the Director’s Assistant”


The F-Up… Allow me to eliminate a popular misconception: the assistant director is absolutely not the director’s assistant. It is a misleading title that in no way, shape, or form involves fetching the director’s coffee, answering the phone, picking up dry cleaning, or doing anything else commonly thought of as “assistant” work. Nevertheless, the assistant…


F-Up #41 “Sound Is Not Important”


Why this is the dumbest thing you may ever hear on set… The F-Up… Have you ever been watching a movie and then got up and walked into another room so you could only hear the TV but not see it? Chances are, by merely hearing the movie, you could still follow much of what…

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