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Ken Kobre

Professor Ken Kobré directs the photojournalism sequence at San Francisco State University, California. His photographs have appeared in Newsweek, Time, Business Week, San Francisco Examiner, and numerous other publications.


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Successful Story Topics


Josh Meltzer-Photojournalist-in-residence at Western Kentucky University, formerly with The Roanoke Times Not every topic lends itself to a videojournalism story—some are better suited to being told in print or on the radio. So how do you pick a topic that will compel viewers to watch your video? Ironically, poor people or people touched by war…


How to Turn your iPhone into a Professional Video Camera in One Easy Step


Whoever said, “the best camera is the one you have with you” must have been talking about smart phones. These days, anyone with the right smart phone and the right app(s) can make a quick video any time or any place. Because it’s possible to send video directly from cell phones, many users are coming…

storytelling with subjects

Finding Subjects for Videojournalism


The subjects in a story are often dictated by the nature of the piece. Some stories are about a particular person or family, whereas others are about an issue for which you will choose topics that exemplify the issue you are focusing on. Th e themes that you choose must draw the audience into the…

Photo by Ben Fredericson

An Excerpt from Videojournalism – Chapter 1 – Telling Stories


This chapter is about the many ways to tell a story and serves as an introduction to videojournalism as it relates to nonfiction storytelling. Videojournalism is not reality TV; it is not traditional front-page news articles. The secret to good videojournalism lies in finding and telling well-shaped, powerful stories in multimedia presentation. Most successful stories…

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