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Mary Lou Belli

Mary Lou Belli is an Emmy Award winning producer, writer, and director as well as the author of three books. Most recently she directed Monk starring Emmy award winner Tony Shalhoub and The Wizards of Waverly Place on the Disney Channel. Last season on the CW she directed The Game, the spinoff to Girlfriends, a series Mary Lou directed for 7 consecutive seasons. With over 100 episodes to her credit, Mary Lou directed Living with Fran starring Fran Drescher, Misconceptions starring Jane Leeves, and Eve starring hip hop artist Eve, as well as The Hughleys, Charles in Charge, Major Dad, and Sister, Sister. She lectures frequently throughout the United States including many universities such as AFI, NYU, Northwestern, and UConn. She is the co-author of three books: The Director Tells the Story, The Sitcom Career Book, Acting for Young Actors.

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VIDEO: Blocking a Scene


Emmy Winning Television Director, Mary Lou Belli, talks about blocking a scene for actors and how much preparation the director must do beforehand. FilmSkills is the visual way to learn filmmaking. Online training videos available 24/7.

Script Analysis

Video: Script Analysis/How actors prepare for a scene


Mary Lou Belli, Emmy Award winning TV director, discusses the necessity for actors to take the time for scrip analysis. FilmSkills is the visual way to learn filmmaking. Online training videos available 24/7.

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