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Nicholas Proferes

Nicholas Proferes was the director/cameraman and editor of Free at Last, a 90-minute documentary on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., which was awarded best documentary at the Venice Film Festival in 1969; director of photography and editor of Wanda, a feature film directed by Barbara Loden, awarded best picture at the Venice Film Festival in 1971; and co-producer, director of photography, and editor of The Visitors, a feature film directed by Elia Kazan. In 2008, his screenplay Romeros, Julieta, & the General won best screenplay at the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival; and in 2009, his screenplay Handsome Harry, directed by Bette Gordon, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. The third edition of Proferes' book, Film Directing Fundamentals: Seeing Your Film Before You Shoot, was published in August 2008.

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Staging for Film


Unlike the theater, we are not staging (also called blocking) for a proscenium, which has the audience outside of it. Nor are we staging for a theater in which the audience surrounds the action in two-, three-, or four-sided arenas or might actually sit on the stage. In each of these cases each member of…

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Building Character


Paul Lucey, in his very fine book on screenwriting, Story Sense, states that one of the main tenets of his dramaturgy is, “Write simple stories and complex characters.” Although film takes place in the present, character is created in the past. Character is everything that has gone into the making of our characters before they…

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