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Sharon Badal

Sharon Badal is short film programmer for the Tribeca Film Festival, and on the faculty of New York University Tisch School of the Arts Kanbar Institute of Film and Television. She is the author of Swimming Upstream – A Lifesaving Guide to Short Film Distribution. Badal has been on the jury for the Galway Film Festival Ireland, Nordisk Panorama Iceland, Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films, the Worldwide Short Film Festival in Toronto, the New Orleans Film Festival, the Keynote Speaker for the Orlando Film Festival and Regional Juror for the Student Academy Awards.

Posts by Sharon Badal:


Why Would I Want to Buy Your Short?


I’ve got a shelving unit in my office that houses over 1000 short films sent to me in the last year. And those are just the ones from distributors. The shelf from filmmakers holds another couple hundred. I love short films and I’ll watch them all—eventually—but I program another TV channel and handle the contracts…

Knowing the audience for your video short

Who Is Your Video Short For, Anyway?


So, why are you making your short in the first place? Seriously. Who is this for? Don’t worry, there’s no wrong answer. But it should be the first question you ask yourself. Is it for your accountant? In other words, do you think you’re going to get rich off a short film? If so, we…

Photo by Rob Nunn

Network Like A Pro at Film Festivals By Making a Splash


I always crash after the Tribeca Film Festival ends, both emotionally and physically. After two weeks of non-stop festival work and fun, all I really want to do is eat macaroni & cheese and catch up on my favorite reality shows. As the saying goes, “no rest for the weary.” Only a few weeks later…

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