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Steve Hullfish

Steve Hullfish has been a producer and on-line editor for over 20 years. Through his company, Verascope Pictures, he produces and consults for clients such as Universal Studios, NBC Television, Turner Networks, HIT Entertainment and VeggieTales.


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Are You Qualified? The Biggest Issue of Secondary Color Correction


For me, the biggest issue of secondary color correction is qualification. I’m not talking about whether the colorist is skilled enough to do it. I’m talking about what portion of the image you are trying to qualify—in other words, “choose”—as the section in which you make alterations. “To qualify” or “qualification” means that an area…


Avid Smart Tool Functions


Avid editors have certainly used the Timeline for decades, but Avid has always been much more conducive to keyboard editing. Final Cut Pro editors—and I realize that I’m generalizing—are often much more comfortable moving and trimming their sequences using the arrow tool and the Timeline trimming functions to drag segments and transitions quickly and efficiently…


Avid’s ScriptSync – An Overview


If you have a script, you can import it into Media Composer. With the script imported, it is then possible to link specific shots and takes to exact portions of the script. This is similar in appearance to a traditionally marked-up script from a script supervisor. Actually, you or an assistant editor can use those…

Film project setting.

Avid Uncut Pro Tip – Prepping Feature Films with JC Bond


One of the premiere editorial assistants in the world of high-end film editorial is JC Bond. Bond is also an accomplished film editor in his own right, but he’s assisted on some of the biggest movies of the last decade including Men In Black II, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Charlie and the…

Fig. 1.12 This image shows the tab of one bin being dragged to another bin so that they occupy the same space. This helps maximize screen real estate, especially when editing on a laptop.

Managing Bins Inside a Project in Avid


There are a number of reasons to have some discipline about how you organize your bins. One of the main ones is that open bins require RAM, and the more items in an open bin, the more RAM will be sucked up. So, by limiting the items in your bins and limiting the number of…

color levels

How and When to Adjust The Black Level


The first thing you should adjust in any correction is the black level, which is sometimes also referred to as pedestal, lift, or setup. The reason for this is that in most color engines, all of the other computations are based on this level. It gives you a strong “base” to build the rest of…

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