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Tom Dowd

Tom Dowd is a 25-year veteran of paper and video game design and world building. He is the co-creator of the celebrated Shadowrun role-playing game which spawned a series of cross-media computer games, novels, board games, and comic books. He is a working game designer and currently teaches game development and transmedia at Columbia College Chicago.

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Transmedia Storytelling – Weaving the Universe


Weaving the Universe Weaving the universe relates to the fact that any successful transmedia intellectual property is like a tapestry – many threads that are well-woven to create a beautiful pattern. This points to the concept that really successful intellectual properties tell many stories that weave into a larger picture or larger understanding of the…


Transmedia Storytelling – A Story for All Screens


Transmedia storytelling creatives, or those who develop and make transmedia content, have a unique set of responsibilities to satisfy an inquisitive and insatiable audience. The rising generation of media savvy consumers are adept at using social media tools to find information. They are “seekers” who do not want to be given all of their content…

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The Realities of Film Production


Let’s just get to the bad news first. The biggest production reality facing filmmakers is cost. Film is an expensive medium, partly because it is time and labor intensive and partly because the technology used to make films, while becoming cheaper at the consumer end, is still quite costly if one is looking to produce…

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The Basics of Television Storytelling: Structured Acts


Basics of Television Storytelling The basics of television storytelling are really a tale of two dynamics. In one, television shares many storytelling elements, concepts and techniques with cinema, because much of the language of television was initially adapted from film. The other dynamic is one of a gradual evolution over time, with television storytelling being…

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How to Maintain Your Brand in Transmedia Storytelling


What is a brand? Simply put, a brand is a commercial identity. It is a visual, aural and intellectual way of communicating the core principles of a company or product. Brands are the commercial personae, the mask shown to the public and in marketing. This mask has a purpose, which is to attract consumers to…

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