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Tomlinson Holman

Tomlinson Holman is President of TMH Corporation and one of the prominent figures in audio today. He is widely known for his development of new products and processes in the field of audio and video. He is Co-Chairman of the Audio Engineering Society Task Force on High-Capacity Audio.

Posts by Tomlinson Holman:

Mixing consoles

Sir Mix-A-Lot


Mixing consoles used for dubbing are often large and intimidating, with hundreds to thousands of controls. Luckily,there is a great deal of duplication among the controls, so by learning just one area of a console one learns nearly all of the areas. Fundamentally, what goes on inside consoles can be broken down into two ingredients,…


What Can Be Done with an On-Camera Microphone?


Shooting a wide shot from the back of a church and expecting the on-camera mic to record the wedding vows is just crazy. However, some useful things can be done even with an on-camera microphone: –          If all that happens within a shot is to establish a locale, for instance, and no principal dialogue occurs,…

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