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Rosemary's Baby

Danny Draven’s Top 5 Horror Trailers of All Time


Just in time for Halloween, Danny Draven, author of The Filmmaker’s Book of the Dead, picked the creepiest Horror film trailers ever to grace the large or small screen. Whether you’ve seen these films or not, they are sure to delight and terrify.   5. THE ENTITY   4. ROSEMARY’S BABY   3. THE CHANGELING  …


BlackMagic Cinema Camera and the Canon C100


I had the opportunity to shoot a segment of the Carpetbag Brigade’s “Callings,” a performance art piece performed on stilts. I enlisted one of my students, Kent Wagner, to shoot their rehearsal and performance on the Canon C100, while I shot with a Blackmagic Cinema Camera. What follows is a discussion of the comparison between…

Figure 31-3

The Divine Proportion: Balancing the Golden Rule


The Divine Proportion: Balancing the Golden Rule Nature created it; visual artists follow it. From sea-shells and leaves to flower petals, and yes, a Gecko’s tail, using aesthetically-pleasing framing creatively draws your viewer into your shot composition. It’s All in What You See Whether dealing with ancient subject matter or the dozens of soccer goals…


How to Turn your iPhone into a Professional Video Camera in One Easy Step


Whoever said, “the best camera is the one you have with you” must have been talking about smart phones. These days, anyone with the right smart phone and the right app(s) can make a quick video any time or any place. Because it’s possible to send video directly from cell phones, many users are coming…

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