FIG 4.1 The Translate X channel of a polygon sphere indicates an expression with purple coloring.

Controlling nParticles with Expressions

by Lee Lanier

An Introduction to Expressions Expressions are special text instructions that you can apply to node channels. Nodes are discrete units of a hierarchy that store information (such as a transformation matrix, geometry attributes, and so on), while channels are keyable attributes of a node, such as Translate X, Visibility, and so on. The instructions can…

Figure 4.2

Inputs & Outputs of the Geometry Workflow

by Rick Baumgartner

The primary inputs to the geometry workflow are: Imagery Metadata Geometry Review Reports The primary outputs from the geometry workflow are: Geometry Workflow Masters Geometry Decision Lists Dailies/Footage Dailies consist of imagery and metadata from production. This is relevant if you are in postproduction while production (principal photography) is still happening or if you are…

Movie Theater

Indie Films End First Quarter on a High Note

by Louise Levison

The independent film segment of the domestic theatrical boxoffice started slowly but had a blockbuster March, ending the first quarter with $1.2 billion, 7 percent ahead of the same time last year. The total domestic box office for 2014 was $2.4 billion. March was especially busy, with a $508 million increase over February 2014. In…

Jack Foley displaying his notable whimsy, with granddaughter Catherine Clark, partially seen, sitting at his side. Photo courtesy of Catherine Clark.

Holey Foley: The Man Behind The Craft

by Vanessa Theme Ament

THE UNITED STATES It is important to state, at the onset, that many sound professionals assumed Jack Foley—the man for whom the craft is named—was a sound editor who began to perform footstep cues for his own reels, and thus began a career of doing those of other editors who had neither the talent nor…

Figure 1.8

Core Conditions for 3D

by Rick Baumgartner

3D postproduction maintains time and space relationships between two 2D representations from the instant of image capture to the final display of the imagery to the viewer or audience. 2D motion imagery requires certain core conditions to tell a convincing visual story. These conditions include spatial factors such as framing or post moves as well…

The Business of Show Business

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by Anne Marie Gillen

Shakespeare wrote, “All the world’s a stage.” I have found the vast majority of filmmakers are passionate to tell their story – this is primal. And now more than ever, that stage on which to tell your story/show your film has never been more crowded. On average there are: 500,000 filmmakers worldwide 10,000 films made…

Chace Audio prop room. Many props organized for easy location of specific props. Photo courtesy of Steve Lee, Hollywood Lost and Found.

Should a Foley Artist Divulge Their Methods?

by Vanessa Theme Ament

One of the first questions that a Foley artist will be asked, whether it is a formal interview or a casual encounter is, “What did you use for (name of prop or event) in (name of movie)?” Most Foley artists, unless they have specific and routine props for most cues will respond with, “I don’t…

Photo by Loren Kerns

It’s All in the Family

by Neil Landau

Defining Character by Familial Role Family dynamics are especially useful when assembling an ensemble cast. It’s not that you’ll need to cover every gender, age, or familial role. But it is helpful to determine how each character might relate to one another in both positive and negative ways. Police detective partners, even if both heterosexual…

Photo by Danielle A. Davey

Directing: The Similarities and Differences between Film and Theatre

by Lenore DeKoven

The general misconception held by most laypeople and some professionals seems to be that there must be a difference between the crafts of directing and acting in theatre and those in film. The belief is that there are stage actors and screen actors, film directors and theatre directors. I don’t agree with this. It is…

Photo by Search Engine People Blog

Pitching Guidelines for Original TV Series

by Neil Landau

Here are my guidelines for preparing and delivering a great pitch for an original series. Every pitch needs to be customized, so these guidelines are not rigid and do not have to be in this precise order. In fact, depending on genre and format, some of these rules may not apply. 1. Your pitch presentation…

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