Post Production

Jack Foley displaying his notable whimsy, with granddaughter Catherine Clark, partially seen, sitting at his side. Photo courtesy of Catherine Clark.

Holey Foley: The Man Behind The Craft

by Vanessa Theme Ament

THE UNITED STATES It is important to state, at the onset, that many sound professionals assumed Jack Foley—the man for whom the craft is named—was a sound editor who began to perform footstep cues for his own reels, and thus began a career of doing those of other editors who had neither the talent nor…

Figure 1.8

Core Conditions for 3D

by Rick Baumgartner

3D postproduction maintains time and space relationships between two 2D representations from the instant of image capture to the final display of the imagery to the viewer or audience. 2D motion imagery requires certain core conditions to tell a convincing visual story. These conditions include spatial factors such as framing or post moves as well…

Chace Audio prop room. Many props organized for easy location of specific props. Photo courtesy of Steve Lee, Hollywood Lost and Found.

Should a Foley Artist Divulge Their Methods?

by Vanessa Theme Ament

One of the first questions that a Foley artist will be asked, whether it is a formal interview or a casual encounter is, “What did you use for (name of prop or event) in (name of movie)?” Most Foley artists, unless they have specific and routine props for most cues will respond with, “I don’t…

Production Pipeline Fundamentals

The Economics of Film Production and Importance of the VFX Pipeline

by Renee Dunlop

By Marty Shindler, CEO, The Shindler Perspective, Inc. Movies are at times a very lucrative, but more often, a very risky business. For a major studio, making a movie is an expensive process: one that typically costs from $50 to $250 million before marketing and distribution, which can add a further $100 million or more…

color levels

How and When to Adjust The Black Level

by Steve Hullfish

The first thing you should adjust in any correction is the black level, which is sometimes also referred to as pedestal, lift, or setup. The reason for this is that in most color engines, all of the other computations are based on this level. It gives you a strong “base” to build the rest of…

post production

Good Video Editing Techniques to Consider

by Jim Owens

Editing is an unobtrusive skill. If it is done well, the audience does not notice it, but is absorbed in its effect. During an exciting scene, for example, when the duration of shots is made shorter and shorter as the tension grows, the audience is only conscious of growing agitation, and fast-moving action. There are…

After Effects

An Interview with Luc Dimick

by Bill Byrne

What compelled you to start a career in art? It was the only thing I was good at as a kid. I remember my mom saying, “Luc, you are pretty good at this art thing, you should be a graphic designer, that’s the only way you’ll make any money.” What was the first piece of…

FIGURE 6.14 Rolling an Edit in the Timeline.

The Roll Edit with Final Cut Pro X

by Tom Wolsky

Unlike the Ripple edits, which are automatically accessed when the Select tool moves to the edit point, the Roll edit needs to use a special Trim tool if you want to drag the edit. The tool can be accessed from the Tools menu in the Toolbar or by pressing the T key. The Roll edit…

Image 3

When to Use the Dissolve

by Christopher J. Bowen

This is the second most common transition used in motion pictures, and, unlike most straight cuts, it attracts attention to itself on purpose. The dissolve is defined as a gradual change from the ending pictures of one shot into the beginning pictures of the next shot. This is traditionally achieved via a superimposition of both…

Mixing consoles

Sir Mix-A-Lot

by Tomlinson Holman

Mixing consoles used for dubbing are often large and intimidating, with hundreds to thousands of controls. Luckily,there is a great deal of duplication among the controls, so by learning just one area of a console one learns nearly all of the areas. Fundamentally, what goes on inside consoles can be broken down into two ingredients,…

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