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Indie Films End First Quarter on a High Note

by Louise Levison

The independent film segment of the domestic theatrical boxoffice started slowly but had a blockbuster March, ending the first quarter with $1.2 billion, 7 percent ahead of the same time last year. The total domestic box office for 2014 was $2.4 billion. March was especially busy, with a $508 million increase over February 2014. In…

The Business of Show Business

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by Anne Marie Gillen

Shakespeare wrote, “All the world’s a stage.” I have found the vast majority of filmmakers are passionate to tell their story – this is primal. And now more than ever, that stage on which to tell your story/show your film has never been more crowded. On average there are: 500,000 filmmakers worldwide 10,000 films made…

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Pitching Guidelines for Original TV Series

by Neil Landau

Here are my guidelines for preparing and delivering a great pitch for an original series. Every pitch needs to be customized, so these guidelines are not rigid and do not have to be in this precise order. In fact, depending on genre and format, some of these rules may not apply. 1. Your pitch presentation…

FIGURE 2.1 Example of a lesson plan.

An Educator’s Guide to Video Production

by Michael O’Donoghue

Think of video, television or film production, and what comes to mind? Perhaps a studio bustling with busy but focused production staff and intensely bright lights; or maybe actors or presenters rehearsing their lines whilst make-up artists brush their faces with powder to remove imperfections; or perhaps the image of the director, omnipotent and omniscient,…

LIghting for photography

Lighting for Makeup

by Gretchen Davis

Lighting can be one of the most important tools for a Makeup Artist. It is always a good idea to know what type of lights are being applied as well as the kind of gels or filters that will be used in front of the lights or the camera lens. Makeup is often adjusted to…

Agents' Family Tree

A Primer on the Agent

by Mastering Film

AGENTS “An agent’s main responsibility is to find work for the client, to generate business on behalf of the client and the agency,” says APA agent Alan Moore. Those clients may be actors, writers, directors, public figures. Usually, an agent specializes in procuring work for one specific type of client. Talent agents represent actors auditioning…

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The Life of a Casting Director: Interview with Kate Rhodes-James

by Suzy Catliff and Jennifer Granville

A casting director’s input is often vital in gaining finance for an independent project, championing an actor’s career and creatively shaping the work.  Kate Rhodes-James is a freelance casting director who is passionate about her creative role in the development of a wide range of projects. KRJ:       I need to love a script and respond…

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The Casting Process: Articulating the Description

by Lenore DeKoven

Although these standard categories are used less and less because there is so much crossing over, it is helpful to identify for the casting director or the Breakdown Service the category that your search involves. What is really needed is a specific and articulate description of the role you’re trying to fill. This is where…

FIGURE 6.14 Rolling an Edit in the Timeline.

The Roll Edit with Final Cut Pro X

by Tom Wolsky

Unlike the Ripple edits, which are automatically accessed when the Select tool moves to the edit point, the Roll edit needs to use a special Trim tool if you want to drag the edit. The tool can be accessed from the Tools menu in the Toolbar or by pressing the T key. The Roll edit…

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The Realities of Film Production

by Tom Dowd

Let’s just get to the bad news first. The biggest production reality facing filmmakers is cost. Film is an expensive medium, partly because it is time and labor intensive and partly because the technology used to make films, while becoming cheaper at the consumer end, is still quite costly if one is looking to produce…

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