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A Mini-Blog on the Power of Media to Ignite Change ​



Excerpts below are from the book Story Money Impact: Funding Media for Social Change, by Tracey Friesen. This series of nuggets and links is designed to inspire those driven to connect art & activism.


STORY Question:  I’m interested in the motivations of funders of social change media.  Why do people get involved in this kind of storytelling?   


Linda Solomon (National Observer)What I’ve learned is both simple and complex. It’s just that you have to be offering something of value. It has to intersect with somebody else’s really deep values and aspirations. It’s the belief that journalism can not only shed light on something that is happening today; it can tell a story that provides a basis for really profound change to take place.  And so there has to be that aspiration for change in the potential funder. They have to honestly believe in that thing we call democracy, and that information is a vital part of that thing, for the system to function properly.


STORY Spark ~ WATCH National Observer Video (1 min)


MONEY Question: What advice do you have for filmmakers when communicating with potential partners?


Geralyn Dreyfous (Impact Partners)You have to be able to use language they understand. That this is only going to amplify the cause. To say:  We’re coming to you because we know you’ve already made this investment, you care deeply about this.  We want this film to carry that investment out to the mainstream world, out to the choir that’s already singing your song, and out to new people that have never even discovered how to sing… It’s about collaboration, it’s about how none of us can do this alone. We’re making it as easy as possible for philanthropists and for consumers to do the right thing!


MONEY Spark ~ EXPLORE Impact Partner’s slate of films


IMPACT Question: Would you describe yourself as optimistic in terms of the future of media for social change?


Darcy Heusel (Picture Motion) –  Absolutely. Stories work. I think we all know that it’s a scientific fact that stories do change minds, change opinions. And now there’s this opportunity to create community around online distribution. Once you have that audience and you’re able to engage them, the possibilities are endless in terms of actually building those groups and giving them the opportunity to create real lasting changes.  After you see a moving film you want to do something – it’s just being empowered with the right tools.


IMPACT Spark ~ READ Picture Motion’s 2015 Impact Report

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