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Excerpts below are from the book Story Money Impact: Funding Media for Social Change, by Tracey Friesen (released March 2016). This series of nuggets and links is designed to inspire those driven to connect art & activism.


STORY Question: What story ingredients do you think directors should try to hold sacred?

Michelle van Beusekom (National Film Board of Canada): What resonates most strongly with me is emotion. That’s what draws people in, and then ideally they’ll become really interested, passionate, outraged, or whatever the desired range of emotions is about what they’ve just seen, and that sparks their interest. But if it’s just information, the risk is that it’s not going to touch people in their hearts, and it’s just not going to hold their attention and have an impact.


STORY Spark ~ Watch Hadwin’s Judgement (NFB trailer)



MONEY Question: How can we all better understand impact funders?

Geralyn Dreyfous (Impact Partners): The ability to align missions and amplify the current investment of a philanthropist or a foundation is one of the most exciting new areas being explored: “strategic alignment.” There are just so many ways when we all approach foundations to try to think about what are their goals, what is in their long-term strategic planning, what are some of the outcomes they want in the field and spheres of influence that they’ve invested in? They’re starting to see media as a more strategic investment.


MONEY Spark ~ Explore Impact Partners



IMPACT Question: Please explain the value of impact measurement.

Beadie Finzi (BRITDOC): We are actively encouraging evaluation. Why? Because we believe filmmakers need to better communicate the extraordinary impact their films are having in the world. Secondly, they need to be able to evaluate that to secure new funders and maintain existing funders. If I’m going to ask a grassroots or leading campaign organization to partner with me, then I need to demonstrate what the project might deliver that their own army of experts, campaigners, lobbyists or researchers can’t deliver?


IMPACT Spark ~ Read Impact of Art (BRITDOC)

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