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Sync My Battleship – Don’t let technology torpedo workflow


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Make no mistake.

There’s a battle brewing in the hearts and minds of Cloud lovin’ editors.  We early adopters have been on the front lines of remote computing for quite some time.

But as we test the limits of this technology – it’s often testing the limits of our patience.

Oh, to be young again.

To hearken back to a time when synchronicity was only an album by The Police.  When data lived close to home and didn’t dream of the heavens.

Cloud Control

Of course, there is a difference between file synchronization and data synchronization.  The only app I’m using heavily for synchronizing files is Dropbox and it functions well.  It’s biggest limitation for me is the storage limit that caps at 100gb.

It’s the apps I’m using for data synchronization that frustrate me more.  I have to use Evernote, Instapaper, Google Docs and in some cases even Twitter and various email clients as distributors and repositories of data.


Because none of them have all the features I need for all of my communication needs.

This is not an unfamiliar situation for editors.

We wish we could combine all of our favorite features from the different nonlinear editing systems and create one app to rule them all.  Since that will never happen, we know we have to use the right NLE for the right project.

And I would suggest adopting this same approach to using Cloud-based services.

I use dependencies for data.   They act as a filter mechanism that helps me determine which Cloud apps I will use.    These dependencies are based on:

  • content type
  • tool limitations
  • content purpose
  • shelf-life

So later when I need to retrieve some data from the Cloud, I know where it most likely is stored.

Your filters will be different and there will always be data that could have multiple filters.  But some organization is better than none and it keeps us in control of the cloud and our workflow.

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