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Staging for Film


Unlike the theater, we are not staging (also called blocking) for a proscenium, which has the audience outside of it. Nor are we staging for a theater in which the audience surrounds the action in two-, three-, or four-sided arenas or might actually sit on the stage. In each of these cases each member of…

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Seven Types of Camera Shots


Let’s go over the names for each type of shot, going from wide to tight: Establishing shot: A wide shot that shows the environment. Master: A shot that holds all the actors in the frame; usually shot first, it creates a template for the scene because in every shot after the master, all the actors…

The usefullness of canted shots

Using Canted Shots to Convey Tension


Canted shots are composed with a camera tilted laterally, so that the horizon is not level and vertical lines run diagonally across the frame. The resulting compositions can create spatial imbalance or disorientation which can convey a sense of dramatic tension, psychological instability, confusion, madness, or drug-induced psychosis. In addition to conveying a character’s altered…

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