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Are You Qualified? The Biggest Issue of Secondary Color Correction


For me, the biggest issue of secondary color correction is qualification. I’m not talking about whether the colorist is skilled enough to do it. I’m talking about what portion of the image you are trying to qualify—in other words, “choose”—as the section in which you make alterations. “To qualify” or “qualification” means that an area…

FIGURE 11.8 Color Board.

Color Correction with Final Cut Pro X


The primary tool for color correction in FCP is the Color Board, which is accessed with the arrow button opposite Correction 1 in the Inspector (see Figure 11.7 ) or more simply with the keyboard shortcut Command-6 (see Figure 11.8 , also in the color section). You can close the Color Board with the same…

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F-Up #62 “Cinematography Happens While Shooting”


You have met with the director. You have figured out the look, the style, and the tone of the film, and you’ve analyzed scenes visualizing the shots as you see them in your head. Now it’s time to create a shot list. A shot list is the list of precise shots you will make for…


VIDEO: Using metadata for color correction with RAW video


Blain Brown, Los Angeles based DP as well as educator and author, shares with his audience how to use metadata for color correction with RAW video

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