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Rosemary's Baby

Danny Draven’s Top 5 Horror Trailers of All Time


Just in time for Halloween, Danny Draven, author of The Filmmaker’s Book of the Dead, picked the creepiest Horror film trailers ever to grace the large or small screen. Whether you’ve seen these films or not, they are sure to delight and terrify.   5. THE ENTITY   4. ROSEMARY’S BABY   3. THE CHANGELING  …

Photo by Kevin Dooley

Can I have a dollar…or $50,000?


When you approach someone to invest in your film, you are really asking them to invest in you. Of course they should feel great about the project, and they will note that you somehow persuaded a known actor to play your lead, but ultimately it’s about whether they are convinced that you are the one…

LIghting for photography

Lighting for Makeup


Lighting can be one of the most important tools for a Makeup Artist. It is always a good idea to know what type of lights are being applied as well as the kind of gels or filters that will be used in front of the lights or the camera lens. Makeup is often adjusted to…

Photo by epSos.de

The Realities of Film Production


Let’s just get to the bad news first. The biggest production reality facing filmmakers is cost. Film is an expensive medium, partly because it is time and labor intensive and partly because the technology used to make films, while becoming cheaper at the consumer end, is still quite costly if one is looking to produce…

Film Business Tips

F-Up #27 “People Don’t Work on Credit”


The F-Up… New filmmakers often don’t realize that one of the greatest tools of negotiation may not be what you agree to pay now, but what you agree to pay later. How to Do It Right… In the world of filmmaking, there are two popular types of IOUs used to help reduce upfront payment by…

hiring actors

The Talent: Negotiating with Actors


So, you’ve gotten an actor’s attention with your script. It’s time to negotiate the deal. This is where casting agents can come in handy: they will be familiar with the actor’s current quote (the salary range the actor has received for his last few films). You will want to have an experienced negotiator help you…


Coke vs. Pepsi vs. Your Indie Film


There aren’t many ways that an indie filmmaker can compete with mainstream film production value, and certainly can’t compete when it comes to marketing funds and advertising campaigns. Most indie filmmakers are lucky if they have the funds left over from their production to create posters, postcards, or other key art for their movies even…

fuck ups

First Time Filmmaker F-Up #12 – I Don’t Care about Tax Incentives


The F-Up… If someone came up and offered you 10 to 50 percent of the funds for your movie, would you take it? Unfortunately, many new filmmakers wind up missing out on money for their film purely because “taxes” and thereby “tax incentives” sound boring or intimidating and they don’t want to deal with that….


Why Would I Want to Buy Your Short?


I’ve got a shelving unit in my office that houses over 1000 short films sent to me in the last year. And those are just the ones from distributors. The shelf from filmmakers holds another couple hundred. I love short films and I’ll watch them all—eventually—but I program another TV channel and handle the contracts…

Contacts in Film

Why Contacts Are Such a Big Deal


How many times have you heard it said that he (or she) is “connected”? You should know that being connected only means only that he knows people, or knows people who know people, who can help them. It doesn’t mean that the person is any more important than you are. The connection may just mean…

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