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Rosemary's Baby

Danny Draven’s Top 5 Horror Trailers of All Time


Just in time for Halloween, Danny Draven, author of The Filmmaker’s Book of the Dead, picked the creepiest Horror film trailers ever to grace the large or small screen. Whether you’ve seen these films or not, they are sure to delight and terrify.   5. THE ENTITY   4. ROSEMARY’S BABY   3. THE CHANGELING  …

Film Distribution

DIY Film Distribution


You’ve tried landing a distributor, but you just keep striking out—or perhaps you like the idea of distributing your own film and having a shot at keeping most of the money it makes. Either way, you’ve made the decision to go it alone and to self-distribute your film (“do-it-yourself” or “DIY” distribution). The first step…


Coke vs. Pepsi vs. Your Indie Film


There aren’t many ways that an indie filmmaker can compete with mainstream film production value, and certainly can’t compete when it comes to marketing funds and advertising campaigns. Most indie filmmakers are lucky if they have the funds left over from their production to create posters, postcards, or other key art for their movies even…


5 WordPress Plugins to Help Advertise and Sell Your Film


For those of you who are not familiar yet with WordPress, let me give you a brief introduction. WordPress is the most popular content management platform in the world. Even better, it’s free. For those of you who aren’t very comfortable with working on the back end of web hosting there is a free version…

constant contact

Are You On The List?


Imagine having access to hundreds or thousands of genuinely interested audience members just waiting for news of your current or next release. Constant audience engagement is key to keeping people interested in your work and your career as a filmmaker. Email lists have been around as long as the internet and have been used for…


Your Filmmaking Web Presence at a Glance


Does your web and social presence matter? In a word, yes. It’s a matter of how you use your web presence though that really makes a difference. You need to know what you hope to accomplish with the various elements that make up your web presence. Do you hope to get people to notice you…

Photo by Heather Burks

Elements of a Proper Film Press Kit


    As a reviewer, I often get movies in the mail. They come in all sorts of packages. Some of them are small and contain just a disc with a handwritten title on it. Some of them are large bundles that include a stack of paperwork haphazardly put together and stapled in the corner…

Film business

The Power of Why in Filmmaking


Remember when you were younger and you wanted something and your parents would refuse? Inevitably you would ask the question “why?” and the response you got in return was probably some form of “because I said so” which completely shut you down and ended the conversation. Well good news! You’re a grown adult now and…

Photo by Ian Skiee

Five Ways to Collaborate with Other Filmmakers


    For most filmmakers, with the exception of when they’re physically on-set surrounded by cast and crew, the art of filmmaking can be a relatively isolated experience. The satisfaction usually comes when they see the reactions from an audience. However, filmmakers can actually share in and enhance their experience by working together. There are…

Photo by Heather Doon

Marketing Your Movie, Marketing Yourself


  You’ve made your film and now it’s time to go out and press the flesh while your movie makes its way around the world and finds its audience. Filmmakers attend festivals, web shows, industry conferences, panels, seminars, and parties constantly as they tour around with their latest creation. But is your appearance at these…

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