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Indie Film Academy™ #32: Horror Filmmaking Masterclass with Danny Draven


Indie Film Academy™ interviews author Danny Draven about horror filmmaking. See the interview below.   For more from Danny Draven, see his book The Filmmaker’s Book of the Dead!

Figure 7

When and How to Use Reflection Scares


What does it look like? It’s a shot that reveals a monster or killer in a reflective surface for the audience (not the character) to see. It also reveals the geography of the threat within the context of the shot. It could be behind, above, below or inside of something in the scene. How’s it…

Film Scoring for Horror Movies

How to Score with Your Film Score


THE UNSEEN MONSTER The unseen monster in horror film music is a music cue that identifies its presence. This is a very effective mental cue for the audience and adds more dimensionality to the score. When you establish the cue, which must be early in the film, the audience will identify it with the monster…

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