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Anne Zeiser on Star Wars Marketing for HuffPo


Anne Zeiser was on The Huffington Post this week to discuss the runaway success of Transmedia Marketing of the Star Wars brand. They also quoted from Anne Zeiser’s seminal text, Transmedia Marketing: From Film and TV to Games and Digital Media. Many successful digital and viral entertainment marketing campaigns develop content that first, creates mystery around a passion…


Press Kits to Die for


Press kits are promotional booklets for a film to be submitted to the festival with your entry form, or upon their request. It’s like a sales brochure promoting and informing people about your project. This can be done as a traditional hard copy press kit, or an electronic press kit (also known as an EPK),…


Checking Your Online Box Office


We see the box office numbers every weekend and look to see which movies were the blockbusters and which were the flops. There is something similar that you can do for your own career to track your progress in the areas of audience engagement, social media growth, website traffic, and revenue generation. This is checking…

Online film distribution

Six Tools for Online Film Distribution: Distrify, Dynamo Player, and other DIY Tools


There are so many choices for filmmakers when it comes to their digital film distribution. You could use a pay service like Distribber on outlets like YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, and iTunes. You can sign up for services like IndiePix Unlimited or Infieflix which are Netflix-like services that cater exclusively to independent films. You can even take film…

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Network Like A Pro at Film Festivals By Making a Splash


I always crash after the Tribeca Film Festival ends, both emotionally and physically. After two weeks of non-stop festival work and fun, all I really want to do is eat macaroni & cheese and catch up on my favorite reality shows. As the saying goes, “no rest for the weary.” Only a few weeks later…

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