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You Need a Logline


Screenwriting Tip #12: If you don’t know your own logline, you probably don’t know what your script is about. Some writers will tell you they don’t have a logline. Their screenplay is “too complex” or “too character-driven,” or they just didn’t bother to think of one before they started writing. These writers are either idiots…

Film Outline

Tip #21: Outline! So That You Have a Plan to Ditch Once You Start Writing


No plan survives contact with the enemy. – Helmuth von Moltke the Elder First: how cool is that guy’s name? That’s exactly the sort of weird and wonderful name you should be giving your characters. Second, our friend Helmuth is absolutely right about no plan surviving contact with the enemy. But do note Helmuth’s implication…

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Screenwriting Tip #93: Write What You Love


  Screenwriting Tip #93: Write scripts in the same genres you watch, love, quote, and buy the Criterion DVDs of. If you don’t love horror movies or romantic comedies, why are you trying to write one? It might not be the Criterion discs. Maybe you buy the iTunes downloads instead. Perhaps you loved that one…

Chris Huntley

Video: Creating a Great Antagonist


Academy Award winner Chris Huntley shares his insights on the keys to developing a strong antagonist. This is a sample from FilmSkills. FilmSkills is the visual way to learn filmmaking. Online training videos available 24/7.

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