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The Tune-Up Pass: How To Fix Your Script


Before you show the script to anyone (except your partner), you must fix the following things. It’s obvious but I’ll say it anyway: your script is the first real contact investors, agents, distributors – anyone who you want to get to – will have with you. Just as you wouldn’t show up to a business…


Does Your Script Have a Ghost?


THIS USEFUL GUIDE should be referred to whenever you get stuck. Ask yourself the following questions, and see if you can unlock your story, and discover the fractures in your story. Premise the premise is fractured the premise is not spoken to in enough scenes the premise doesn’t speak to a larger theme the premise…

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Pitching Your Script: Sell the Sizzle not the Steak


Tips For Pitching 1. Reading notes: The sure-fire way to bomb in a pitch meeting.  Don’t read, ever. You cannot look passionate if you are reading from notes. Refer to a few notes made on an index card if you are worried about freezing in your pitch. But I know you won’t freeze, because you…

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Seven Tips on Preparing to Market Your Script


There are two things that writers hate – writers hate writing and writers really hate selling. Unless you master the art of selling, you will never be a professional screenwriter – no one will pay you for your work. And selling your work need not be a painful and dreaded experience. In fact, it can…

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Screenwriting Tip #93: Write What You Love


  Screenwriting Tip #93: Write scripts in the same genres you watch, love, quote, and buy the Criterion DVDs of. If you don’t love horror movies or romantic comedies, why are you trying to write one? It might not be the Criterion discs. Maybe you buy the iTunes downloads instead. Perhaps you loved that one…

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