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Rosemary's Baby

Danny Draven’s Top 5 Horror Trailers of All Time


Just in time for Halloween, Danny Draven, author of The Filmmaker’s Book of the Dead, picked the creepiest Horror film trailers ever to grace the large or small screen. Whether you’ve seen these films or not, they are sure to delight and terrify.   5. THE ENTITY   4. ROSEMARY’S BABY   3. THE CHANGELING  …

Production Designer

VIDEO:The Production Designer


Jeff Luther, Production Designer, talks about his role in the filmmaking process. FilmSkills is the visual way to learn filmmaking. Online training videos available 24/7.

film business

Get Your Own Damn Movie Soundtrack!


You’re probably wondering what to do about getting a great music track for your own damn movie that you’re producing. Because, let’s face it: music for your film or viral movie or music video is crucial for the trajectory of the emotional arc you want your audience to travel. Maybe you think it’s hopeless because…

usage rights

What You Need to Know about Copyright


When you use samples of video in your movie, or use a story you saw in the newspaper, or quote a lengthy piece from a book, you might run up against the law, by breaking copyright. Copyright is a way of protecting you, not just the stuff you want to sample or use. Copyright is…

Stars in my film

F-Up #10 “Stars Will Want to Be in My Movie”


The F-Up… Assuming that a particular star will want to be in your movie is just as common a mistake as assuming that no stars will want to be in your movie. New filmmakers frequently think, “Surely, recognizable actors, musicians, and celebrities will want to be a part of my incredible project, right?” But the…


VIDEO: Setting up the audition space


Casting Director, Billy DaMota, demystifies the audition room and gives you the low down on what to expect. FilmSkills is the visual way to learn filmmaking. Online training videos available 24/7.

Distribute your movie

Going Alternative: Five Ways to Distribute Your Own Damn Movie


Nobody wants to be the boy or girl at the prom with no one to dance with. But that’s exactly how some filmmakers feel after doing the festival circuit and still finding themselves without a distributor. Thankfully, filmmaking is not like a high-school dance. It’s more like Weird Science, where you can use smarts to…

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Political Hires


Every show has its share of political hires – individuals who are there solely because of their connection to someone who had the authority to hire them. I’ve worked with political hires who have been total dead weight and no help whatsoever to the production and others who have turned out to be fabulous surprises…

The Film Business

Working in International Film Distribution


I find this end of the business fascinating, and it’s the perfect career for a movie lover who’s always wanted to be a diplomat or get involved with some form of international relations.  A foreign sales company or the international department of a studio or distribution company is responsible for the international launch/festival participation of…

Film Production Interns

Become a Production Intern


The internship opportunities offered by major colleges, universities, and corporations are well known. Lesser known, however, are the internship opportunities available with most major film and television production companies. Without fail, internship programs are repeatedly available in almost every facet of TV production. And even though production interns acquire vast reserves of experience and credibility,…

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