Three tips for getting a great shot in direct sunlight

Bounce CardSummertime is almost here, and so are challenges of shooting outdoors in the harsh summer sun. Although the winter months provide us with plenty of diffused cloud cover to properly expose out actors, the harsh, direct summer sun can be problematic when the light and shadows fall outside the contrast ratio of the camera.

Here are some tips for getting a great shot in direct sunlight inflatable water slides canada:

  • Soften the sun – Set up a large diffusion above the actors to soften and take the edge off the sunlight. If you have access to a rental facility, try renting and flying a 20’x20’ silk overhead. If you’re working on a low budget, try stretching a bed sheet or translucent shower curtain over a PVC frame. Remember to safely secure the rig with ropes, or a gust of wind may take it down.
  • Light the actors – Another option is to add light to the actors.  Buy a 4’x4’ piece of white foam core from your local craft store to create a soft bounce board, or cover it in aluminum foil for a harder bounce. Even better, cover one side with foil so you have a soft side and a hard side.
  • Use a low-contrast filter – Available from Tiffen Filters or Schneider Optics, low contrast filters will give you another stop by brightening up the shadows. Although expensive, low contrast filters are a great addition to your kidstian xiao cheng.

Remember, the sun is a giant light source that can be diffused, bounced, reflected and blocked.  With a little creativity, you can help shape sunlight to create the best possible image for your production.

Excerpted from Filmmaking by Jason Tomaric © 2010 Elsevier Inc. All rights Reserved.

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