VIDEO: The Basic Steps of Camera Prep

Using a Panavision Panaflex Gold 35mm camera as the example camera, this video shows many of the steps you should follow when doing a basic camera prep. It is by no means complete, but covers most of the steps you should follow.

Please keep in mind that each camera system is different. Cameras such as those from Arriflex, Aaton or Moviecam, may not have all of the same features as the Panavision. Camera components and accessories may attach differently or look different from one camera system to the next. This video is designed to help you understand the basics of the prep. The important thing is to check everything so that you are sure that the camera system will function properly on the first day of production (hopefully).

Be sure to check out the section on Camera Prep in Chapter 5 of The Camera Assistant’s Manual, 6th Edition and also don’t forget to use The Camera Prep Checklist from Appendix C as a guide when performing the prep. The Camera Prep Checklist may also be downloaded from the Forms, Checklists and Labels page on the book’s companion web site.

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